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Track what happens inside your product.

Find out how changes in your product affect your customers.

Make decisions based on real data.

Data-driven development has never been so easy.

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Make decisions based on data

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Crafted Open Page

Make your own open page with custom metrics and share it with the world. Be open with your customers and visitors, use it as a marketing tool.

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Custom Metrics

Do you want to know what is going on with your product right now? Create custom metrics and be aware of important indicators at any time.

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Instant Notifications

Don't miss anything! Get notifications with info about a new order, system errors or anything else instantly in Telegram!

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Find out how changes affect your metrics. Add changelog, connect them with metrics and don't miss any important patterns.

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Simple and Fair Pricing

Choose the package that fits for you. Improve your product by analyzing metrics and don't miss anything important using notifications.

You can not pay this price? Are you a non-profit organization, student or maker who do not earn any penny yet? Drop me a message and we will figure out what to do. 🙌

$14 / month

  • 1 Dashboard
  • < 10k/month requests
  • Open Page
  • Custom Metrics
  • Telegram Notification
  • Changelog